Services: Consulting

Mercury Aero advises clients on a wide range of aviation issues. Some common areas are listed below – though we are certainly not limited to these. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

Advising clients on the complexities of the aviation world in areas such as:

  • Technical and commercial aspects of aviation
  • Operator selection, agreement negotiations (non-legal) and induction
  • Contract review from a technical and commercial perspective
  • Cost efficiency reviews for operation and maintenance of the aircraft
  • On-site survey of the aircraft and records to ensure asset value retention
  • Lease return conditions review / preparation
  • Review of standard Terms and Conditions with regards to technical and operational matters

Mercury Aero engages with partners within and beyond the aviation industry to facilitate the following services:

  • Aircraft Finance
  • Aviation Legal Advice
  • Ownership Structures
  • VAT/Customs Clearances into EU and Non-EU countries