mer·cu·ry (mur’kay-re) n.

The messenger of the gods in classical mythology, who was himself the god of commerce and travel. He travelled with great swiftness, aided by the wings he wore on his sandals and his cap.

With Mercury Aero there is no myth.

We provide swift, efficient and professional aviation consulting and asset services to enable you to carry out your business and reach your destination, whether it be a strategic target or an important flight, with the ease of Mercury.

We offer a wide range of Aviation Consulting and Asset Services:

Surveys and Valuation

These are key questions whether you are a financial institution (bank or leasing company), the current owner or looking to acquire or sell a particular aircraft. You need to know the general condition and value prior or during financing, selling, purchasing or even placing an offer on an aircraft.


Advising clients on the complexities of the aviation world whether it be technical and commercial aspects, operator selection, contract reviews or other aviation related matters.

Asset Management and Cost Controls

Mercury Aero manages the technical, commercial and operational requirements for the smooth, safe and cost-effective management of our clients' aviation assets.

Aircraft Acquisition and Sales

Should you or your client require a 'New Build', an 'In Service' or wish to sell an aircraft or helicopter, Mercury Aero can provide a comprehensive array of services to assist you.

Aircraft available for Sale or sought for Acquisition

Mercury Aero can directly, or in conjunction with an associate aircraft or helicopter sales organisation, assist you in meeting your aircraft acquisition or sales needs.

Spare Parts Sales, Component Repairs and Modification Kits

Mercury Aero can supply, on an ad-hoc basis or in conjunction with our asset services, the spare parts, component repairs and modification kits which you may require.